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Killymuck by Kat Woods, directed by Caitriona Shoobridge. Photo by Craig Sugden 2019

Teaching & workshop facilitation

Pure Movement

Movement classes focus on developing rehearsal room etiquette, how to collaborate as an ensemble, and build physical confidence.  Students are introduced to movement that is free from tension, that helps find alignment, plays with habitual dynamics, investigates space and shape in order to become more sensitive to self and others and awaken creativity.


Classes aim to find freedom and flexibility and to have fun and play.  Movement methodologies referenced are pure, expressive and animal studies, Laban, elemental work, Feldenkrais techniques and biodynamics.


Historical dance

Historical dance, movement and etiquette for performance and rehearsal.  These classes enable students to explore how dance is used during actor training as an interdisciplinary tool developing technical skills which allow for effective growth of movement and efficiency in creating a character's physicality.  

The classes introduce students to a range of period dances including Italian Renaissance, Elizabethan court dances, English Country square dances, French medieval circular caroles and 20th social dance. Classes are bespoke and made to respond and reflect a broad spectrum of cultures and can be tailored to suit each schools interests and run alongside and complement the core acting projects.



Influenced by her puppetry training whilst in War Horse, Louise has created several bespoke puppetry workshops featuring an introduction to ‘Handspring’ and ‘Bunraku’ style puppetry and the basic training of object manipulation.


These workshops are for all ages from primary, secondary and beyond.  The workshops create a professional rehearsal space, where students can experience industry style warm-ups and exercises, ensemble games and chorus work.  Attention is paid in particular to creating an ensemble through the use of puppetry collaboration.



Classes investigate devising and improvisation techniques through games and ensemble work; enabling students to create devised narrative using a range of stimulus including puppetry, music, mask and animal work.


Classes focus particularly on the discovery of playfulness and imagination and explore collaborative methods of working in the ensemble.

Group Dance


Louise has devised and directed workshops for drama GCSE students during their final assessed production; a Shakespeare medley encompassing the themes of love.


The workshops can include supported classroom based lessons linked to the English Lit syllabus, investigating Shakespeare's language and text, rehearsal and performance techniques using theatre games and play.

Opera Actor


These seminars introduce the Intimacy on Set guidelines and protocols when working with nudity and intimate content for both theatre and film.  Initial sessions can be held online, with follow-up practical in-depth workshops working with trainee actors, directors, film makers and producers.


Each workshop is tailored to the students needs and can range from three hour sessions to two day workshops. Louise works both independently and is supported by her mentor, Ita O'Brien, founder of Intimacy on Set.

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